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Reduction Linocut Printing Course at the Hepworth Gallery

This two day workshop is perfect for anyone who would like to learn about reduction linocut and colour printing.
Make a linocut print that can be used for cards, illustration, textile design or small print editions. Learn how to draw a design suitable for a colour linocut print and how to use the linocut tools correctly to make a variety of marks, which will then influence your final designs.
Skills you’ll build include using a brayer to roll the ink very thinly, transferring a drawing onto a linocut block, safe cutting techniques using the sharp tool, monitoring the block cutting, creating and using a registration system, inking techniques and pulling the print using a variety of techniques.

20 + 27 July 2019, 10:30am – 4pm
£120 / £90 Members of the Hepworth Gallery Wakefield

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