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Brilliant Britain


Brilliant Britain is an entertaining compendium of the marvellous quirks, oddities and idiosyncrasies that define our nation. This book lifts the lid on Britain’s rich heritage of eccentricity and diversity, exploring unique rites and peculiar traditions. It also contains a chapter about the native languages spoken in the British Isles. Did you know for instance that on the Isle of Man,where the local lingo is making a comeback, the Manx for ‘two pints of lager and a packet of crisps’ is ‘Daa phynt dy lhune freillagh as poagy dy vrishlagyn’?

‘Jane Peyton’s punchy guide to the nation’s craziest customs is packed with entertaining snippets about events, languages, recipes and festivities that define our nation will make you proud to be British.’ (The Daily Mail)

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